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Napa Recreational Activities

Napa Recreational Activities

Napa Recreational Activities

Napa Valley offers a number of recreational activities that go well beyond wine tasting and visiting the many wineries in the area. You may find that for your taste, taking advantage of the Napa recreation activities makes for a great way to see even more of this remarkable place.

Bicycle Trails

If you enjoy riding bicycles and are in good shape then this is arguably the best way to see the valley itself. You can rent a very sturdy, durable bike that will take you across the many trails in the area that are very well maintained. You can find many trails that are between Highway 29 and the Silverado Trail which will take you to breathtaking heights and stunning locations where you can really enjoy the view.
While there are no official physical requirements, it does help if you are in good physical condition and have ridden bicycles for longer distances in the recent past. If this describes you, then this is a great way to see the valley and is arguably the best of the Napa recreation adventures.


If bicycles are not your thing, then perhaps a hike along the many trails is the adventure that you need. You can find a number of great hiking trails that will take you to interesting locations all along the valley from near the lake and upwards to the mountains that surround the valley itself. Some of the best trails include the following locations

  • Lake Berryessa
  • Skyline Wilderness Park
  • Oat Hill Mine Trail
  • Bothe-Napa Valley State Park
  • Alston Park and more

It helps if you are in good physical condition for the hike and to wear comfortable shoes that are broken in. The good news is that there are several resting places along the way if you need to take a breath, but otherwise this is a great way to spend some time enjoying the valley.

Napa Kayak Tour

Arguably one of the best ways to enjoy the valley is to take a Napa Kayak tour that will take you down the waterways of this incredible valley. The tour itself takes around two hours and you will get to learn the history of the valley starting from the Native Americans who were the first inhabitants to the early settlers that came to the valley before statehood and beyond.
The tour itself is a great combination of learning about the valley itself while relaxing as the waters take you downstream. There are no athletic or physical requirements for this type of adventure. This is the perfect way for anyone who wants to enjoy a comfortable trip down the waterways to see the Napa Valley.
For those who want to take advantage of the many Napa recreational activities that include hiking, bicycling, and the famous Napa Kayak tour, you can enjoy all of these adventures either separate or combined with a wine tasting or winery tour. Napa Valley offers an incredible number of Napa recreational activities which include seeing the valley from many different points of view.

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