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Top 6 Napa Outdoor Places

Napa is one of the most beautiful regions of the United States. Known mostly for being wine country, the beautiful Napa outdoor landscape is much more than just grapes. From getting a Napa kayak rental to explore the river or various lakes to biking through the countryside, there are a lot of different Napa outdoor places that you should visit. Here are some of the best places you won’t want to miss:

Skyline Wilderness Park

The Skyline Wilderness Park is a great place to see local wildlife running around their natural habitat. With 850 acres to hike, camp, or simply just picnic, the Skyline Wilderness Park is home to many of Napa’s native creatures like deer, squirrels, geese, and even wild turkeys. If you like hiking Napa outdoor areas, there are more than 25 miles of trails to cover in the Skyline Wilderness Park.

Napa River

Napa River is one of the best places to go if you like outdoor adventures. If you have never kayaked before or you are a seasoned veteran, heading to a Napa kayak rental, getting a kayak, and floating the beautiful Napa River is an experience you won’t forget. From seeing beautiful birds like great herons and even bald eagles to simply relaxing on the open water, kayaking in Napa Valley is something anyone in the region should do.

Dunn-Wildlake Ranch Preserve

There are over 4000 acres on the Dunn-Wildlake Ranch Preserve that are now protected by the Land Trust Of Napa act. If you want a nice guided tour, there are many options to choose from that will take you across the entire 15-mile stretch of the preserve, giving you great viewing points of places like St. Helena and Calistoga.

Conn Creek Waterfall

If you don’t think 15 miles is something that you can do, you may want to take a shorter hike to the Conn Creek Waterfall. It is also part of the Land Trust of Napa Act and there are short hikes less than 3 miles that can take you through beautiful scenery down to the famous waterfall.

Lake Hennessey

Lake Hennessey is a great place to visit if you want to fish, go hiking, or go on a bike ride. You can even take a Napa kayak rental out onto the lake to get a unique perspective right on the lake itself. There are long trails that go around and near the lake and the Old Toll Road is an 11-mile stretch of easy cycling for anyone that wants to get outside and explore what Napa outdoor locations have to offer.


No Napa Valley list would be complete without discussing some of the vineyards. While there are great vineyards located all over the area and many people think of them as just a way to taste wine, don’t discount the outdoor experience either. With a Napa outdoor wine tour, you will be able to stroll through some of the most famous vineyards of the region and see grapes as they are growing and experience the entire winemaking process like never before.

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