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Enjoy Napa Valley Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel, please inform us at least 24 hours before scheduled date either by phone or email.

Waiver and Release of Liability

Any person who uses books tours or rents equipment through us agrees that all persons who are to be using “Enjoy Napa Valley” equipment or services have read and agree with the terms set forth within this waiver and release of liability. Parents, caregivers and guardians of agree to these terms not only for themselves but also Minor Children who use our services and/or equipment..

In consideration of “Enjoy Napa Valley” furnishing services and/or equipment to participate in services provided, I agree as follows. I understand that the use of helmets is mandatory. I fully understand and acknowledge that recreational activities such as walking, bicycling, hiking, kayaking and transportation have: (a)inherent risks, dangers and hazards which may be caused by myself, others, acts of nature, consumption of alcoholic beverages, exercise for which I may not be prepared for, negligence of Enjoy Napa Valley, or other entities, known or unknown and such exists in my use of Enjoy Napa Valley equipment and my participation in Enjoy Napa Valley activities; (b) my participation in such activities and/or use of Enjoy Napa Valley equipment may result in injury or illness including, but not limited to ,bodily injury, disease, strains, fractures, partial and/or total paralysis, death, or other ailments that could cause a serious disability. I hereby assume all risks and dangers and all responsibilities for any losses and/or damages, whether caused in whole or by any other person. I, on behalf of myself, my personal representatives and my heirs hereby voluntarily agree to release, waive, discharge, hold harmless, defend and indemnity Enjoy Napa Valley and it’s owners, agents, officers and employees from any and all claims, actions or losses for bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, loss of services or otherwise which may arrise out of my use of Enjoy Napa Valley equipment or my participation in Enjoy Napa Valley activities. I specifically understand that I am releasing, discharging and waiving any claims or actions that I may have presently or in the future for the conduct by the owners, agents, officers, employees of Enjoy Napa Valley, or by any other person or act of nature. I further agree I will not use any equipment-bicycle, helmet, kayak, paddle or otherwise-until I have personally inspected the equipment and found it to be in safe, good working condition. I will look for cracks in the helmet, torn straps and other obvious flaws in the helmet; I will also inspect the bicycle or other equipment for cracks, brake concerns, tire flaws, loose parts, and other laymen obvious flaws of equipment. I agree that if I am not 100% comfortable with equipment I will discuss it with a Enjoy Napa Valley representative before I use said equipment. I also agree that in the event that a bicycle, kayak or any other piece of equipment in my possession is lost or damaged, I authorize to have my credit card on file pay for the retail cost of replacement and labor. I also understand that any images taken during my tour can be used in any and all web and print publications used by Enjoy Napa Valley for marketing and any and all advertising needs deemed by Enjoy Napa Valley. Disputes: I agree that the location of any meeting, deposition, or venue that may arise out of this agreement or otherwise between the parties to which Enjoy Napa Valley or it’s agents is a party shall be either in the town of Napa, State of California, Justice Court of the County of State Supreme Court in Napa County.


Rain Check

If you have an outdoors activity tour/rental that you are not able to participate in due to inclement weather. We will reschedule you if possible. If you are not able to reschedule then you will receive a refund less the amount of the non refundable booking fee.

Bike and Kayak Rentals:
A Credit Card is used to reserve all services. Cancellations made by 8:15:00am on the day of rental reservation will not be charged. Any “No Show” the credit card will be charged 100% of the rental fee agreement at the end of business day of date of reservation. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Tour Deposit and Cancellation Policy

A $25/person non-refundable booking fee is charged per person for all reservations. To receive a full refund -less the booking fee-Enjoy Napa Valley must be notified one week -7- days before booked date of tour. Cancellations within the (7) days and prior to the tour date, will be issued a 60% refund.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED FOR DAY-OF-TOUR CANCELLATIONS.

Group and Corporate Tours:

A 35% nonrefundable deposit is taken on all group tours in order to finalize the reservation. Groups of (11) or more clients will be charged a gratuity of 15%. for the tour.

Cancellations made 30 days prior will receive a full refund minus a 35% booking fee. A cancellation received between 29 and 15 days before event will be refunded 50% of the tour fee minus 35%  booking fee. Cancellations of 7 days or less before the scheduled event date, no refund or credit will be due.

Any  “No Show” on the day of the Tour/Rental no refund or credit will be due. Cancellations day of and/or “no shows” will be charged the entire amount due for the tour.

No Exceptions!

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