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Napa Vs Sonoma Wines

Napa vs Sonoma Wines

So which is better Napa or Sonoma? We are interested in what you think and why?

The people and wineries in Napa county have no issue with Sonoma wines or the people in Sonoma County. They are our neighbors. They also produce some great wines just like us.

However over the last decade or so certain Sonoma county wineries have created a media campaign to discredit Napa Valley Wines. This consists of billboards, paper publications, blogs and possibly more. What is even more amazing is people actually believe it!

So let me set the record straight. Both Napa and Sonoma produce some outstanding wines!!!

We have visited many wineries and sampled a lot of different wines!

Whether Sonoma wines are superior to Napa wines is really an unfounded and biased argument. Each winemaker and appellation is unique. Then you add things like whether stainless steel or oak is used. The vintage and even where the wood for the barrels is from. How old the barrels or wine is and on and on….There is an endless list of possibilities with the outcome of any wine. That is what makes it so fascinating.

I will be honest here I think there are some amazing Spanish wines for under $20 and you cannot touch a good Sonoma or Napa red for that!

In the end it is all a matter of opinion. Some people like reds, some prefer whites. Some people like sweet wine and some don’t like wine at all.

Which is Better?

The most important thing to remember is do NOT let anybody tell you what you like!

It does not matter whether it is from Napa or Sonoma. Or whether it is a $10 bottle or a $10,000 bottle. If you don’t like it, then you don’t like it! If you love it, then enjoy it!


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