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Napa Valley Waterfalls

Napa Valley Waterfalls

Today I am going share several places that very few locals and almost no visitors ever experience in the Napa Valley. The Napa Valley has countless waterfalls and they are some of the most awe inspiring places to visit here in Napa. I know people who have lived here their whole life and have not enjoyed these waterfalls. Over the years hiking the Napa Valley I have visited some exceptional waterfalls-here are a few.

Marie Falls

Marie falls is located in Camp Coombs on the borders of Skyline State Park near the south end of the City of Napa. This is an incredible place where the waters of Marie Creek cascade through a stunning moss covered fern lined canyon.

After that it is an easy climb onto the cliffs overlooking the valley. I love sitting in the sun on the cliffs above the canyon as the swallows zig zag below me between the Tree tops and my dangling feet. This is very special place to me and the first true waterfall I experienced growing up in the Napa Valley.

Monticello Waterfalls

This is one of the only places near the City of Napa where Redwood trees grow on the east side of the valley.  A short hike down leads you to a ladder set into the stone of the canyon walls. This area is lush and incredible with the waterfall dropping to the canyon floor.

Devils Punch Bowl

OMG this area is so awesome! The hiking, the redwoods, the Grandfather tree, the seismograph on a cliff where you can look out over Yountville and the rest of the Napa Valley-What’s not to Enjoy!!!

This area is vast and beautiful with meadows, redwood trees and wild flowers. There is even an old Girl Scout camp. This is one of the true wilderness areas of the valley.

Devils Punch Bowl is nestled between Hogback Ridge and Mount Veeder. The Devils Punchbowl gets it’s name from the high amount of iron that make up the rocks of the canyon walls turning them red and black. There are several pools that the waterfalls drop into and one of them has became bowl shaped over the passage of time. This is treacherous hike down and caution is needed. Once there you are greeted with a Redwood and fern lined canyon that will take your breath away. Mushrooms grow and salamanders make there way lazily along the canyon floor.

Miliken Canyon

At one time during the sixties there used to be a camp here where local kids would go for activities. When you stand below the Dam and look up it is very impressive and there are cracks forming in the Dam that are getting larger every year.

Miliken Falls are hidden behind the Siverado Country Club area and a short drive up Atlas Peak rd leads you to the pullout. The rock in this area is very loose and shale like so extreme caution is advised. This area is very dry and rugged with a lot of sagebrush.

The canyon though is lush and moss lined once you get deep enough in. This is a prominent canyon and can can be seen from many areas of the valley.

Linda Falls

Located near Angwin in the Napa Valley this is a small hike. I highly recommend visiting Linda Falls during the rainy season when there are several smaller waterfalls trickling off the mountainsides to join the main creek that becomes Linda Falls before it roars off of an approximately seventy foot cliff. This is an wonderful place to enjoy the Napa Valley. Located in a pine forest the area almost feels more akin to the Sierras even though it is located in the Napa Valley. The rock has been sculpted over time into beautiful forms.


“Most of these places are on either private land or land owned by the Napa Valley Land Trust. Remember whenever you hike be prepared for the worst and bring a phone, extra clothes, pocket knife, food, first aid kit and plenty of water. I have led private hikes for the Land trust before and highly recommend supporting them in their efforts. The Napa Valley has a lot of wilderness to be explored and it is not all about wine. Be careful and Enjoy Napa Valley!”

-Justin Perkins


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