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Napa Valley Hiking

Lets take a hike through Napa Valley. Join us today for an intimate Napa Valley experience!

Hike Napa Valley River

Take A Napa Valley Hike

Please contact us for more information about “Enjoy Napa Valley” Hiking.

Enjoy Napa Valley Hiking Tours $60 per person

Napa hiking tours-No other tour company can match our experience when it comes to Napa Valley Hiking Tours. Our staff has led more guided hikes than anyone else in the area. We personally design these tours for you! Explore the beauty of Wine Country from a unique perspective that few visitors experience.

We know and enjoy the hiking trails intimately. Take a Napa Valley Hiking Tour and explore bay tree lined canyons and oak groves. You can witness the giant coastal redwoods and may see peregrine falcons, golden and bald eagles, wild turkey, deer and more.

When you hike the Napa Valley you gain the experience of a lifetime. The air is clean. The views are incredible and the perspective is unique. Enjoy Napa Valley Hiking Tours with an experienced Local guide.

This is an active Napa Valley hike so participants should be reasonably fit. If available you can also request a walking tour which is less difficult. Generally our Napa Valley Hiking Tours are three to four hours long. These are not that difficult if you hike only occasionally and/or are reasonably fit.

Enjoy Napa Valley Hiking Tour Booking Information

Hiking tours generally cost $60 a person however for special requests and services this price may be increased to accommodate.

Enjoy Napa Valley Hiking Tours are $60 per person. Included in this price is a $25 per person non refundable booking fee. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions page.For other information please see our terms and conditions page. If you prefer you can call us to arrange a booking at 707-227-7364

Kayak Launch Location

100 Riverside dr, Napa, CA 94559
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