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Napa Valley Bicycle Tours

Not a water person? Well we are now offering Napa Valley Bicycle Tours. Explore Napa Valley on an amazing bike tour! We also offer combined Kayaking and Bicycling Tours.

Explore Napa Valley By Bike

Please contact us for more information about “Enjoy Napa Valley” Bicycle Tours.

Enjoy Napa Valley – bicycle tours

$99 per person

Napa Valley bike tour-One of our favorite ways to “Enjoy Napa Valley” is by bicycle. Gently rolling by beautiful vistas exploring boutique wineries on a Napa bike tour you experience nuances that are missed when in a motor vehicle. Birds singing, the fresh air, the sky above-there are many reasons why we love bicycling this area. The Napa valley is one of the most renowned bicycling destinations on the planet. It is featured regularly in bicycling publications around the world.

About Enjoy Napa Valley Bicycle Tours

Enjoy Napa Valley – bike tours are leisurely events. We provide you with a bicycle, helmet and peddle along the vineyards exploring Napa Valley wineries. At these Napa wineries you will experience some of the best wines in the world.

We tend to focus on small production wineries where wine is made for passion over profit. This gives our guests the opportunity to learn about wine from experts in the industry. Enjoy Napa Valley – bike tours are a wonderful way to explore the Napa Valley.

Napa Bike Tours

Napa Bike Tours: Please place heights of All participants in comments section for your Napa Valley bike tour. Wine tasting fees are not included in the tour. Enjoy Napa Valley bicycle tours are $99 per person. Included in this price is a $25 per person non refundable booking fee. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions page.

When Booking Please enter the Heights of all Participants in the comments section so that we can prepare the proper size bicycle for them and you! If you prefer you can call us to arrange a booking at 707-227-7364

Napa Valley Bicycling Resources

We have a dedicated bicycle community here in the Napa Valley. The Napa County Bicycle Coalition is responsible for much of the bike advocacy in this area. Napa valley hosts several bicycling events every year. These include charity events, races, rides and more. Eagle Cycling Club is a great place to learn about local cycling events.

Frequently Asked Questions

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