May 18, 2015


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are You Located?

We meet at 100 Riverside Drive which is very close to Downtown Napa. We start and end the tour at the same location. We are a mobile company. During the weekends we are usually there all day.

How Much for a Tour/Rental?

$49 per person for a tour or a two hour rental.   It is the same price whether for a tour or two hour rental. It is Per Person whether a single or a tandem kayak. Longer rentals are available for $89 and are strictly dependent on availability.

How Long is the Tour?

The tour itself is approximately One and a Half to Two Hours long.

What Times are Available?

8:30AM, 11AM, 1:30PM

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Are the Kayaks Single or Double (tandem) Kayaks?

We have 6 single kayaks and 3 double (tandem) kayaks. The single kayaks are much easier to use especially for beginners. We strongly recommend you only use a tandem if one of the people is a strong paddler. Tandem (double)  kayaks are heavier and are more difficult to control. You may request a tandem kayak at the time of your reservation in the comments section however priority always goes to people with disabilities (such as the blind) or an adult with a child. “Divorce Boats” (tandems) are more difficult to control and use.  We have never had a woman flip a kayak and go swimming. The only time this happens is because she is with a man in a tandem (Divorce Boat) and he sends them both into the water!

This one of the many reasons they call tandem kayaks “Divorce Boats.”

We do not guarantee tandems or singles but we do our best to accommodate requests the day of your appointment. Priority with tandems always is given to small children and those with disabilities.

Why Take a Tour as Opposed to Rental?

Our tour is unique and the first of its kind in the world. We have people all the time who originally just came to kayak and then raved about how glad they were they chose the tour. Please check the reviews online. It is really a special and unique experience. We go into detail about the ecosystem, identify all of the wildlife and share our history. The last part of the tour we enjoy the serenity of the experience and people often paddle on their own. It is a tour and rental in one.

Do You Have Rentals?

Yes we do, most rentals are for two hours. If you need a longer rental please contact us and check availability. Rental times are at the same time as the tours as we are on the river for two hour intervals. You can arrive approximately a 20 to 30 minutes before your time and we can launch you then as long as we have finished working with the previous group-no extra charge.

I Have Never Kayaked Before, is That Ok?

We have had thousands of people on our tours who have never kayaked before. This is a perfect introduction to kayaking. Our kayaks are stable and perfect for beginners.

Will I Get Wet?

A little but not soaked. Only men seem to occasionally flip kayaks. If a woman goes into the water it is because she is with a man in a double kayak who flips them both.

Is Everything Included?

Yes, Life Jackets, Paddles, Kayaks and a Professional Tour Guide are included.

When is the Best Time?

We think mornings are usually the best as there tends to be less wind in the morning. the river is often as smooth as glass in the morning. Also there is a greater chance of seeing the otters in the morning as they are nocturnal.

What Ages?

7 and up.

Longer/All-Day  Kayak Rentals?

One way to check if All Day Availability is to go to the calendar, select the number of people and make sure multiple consecutive time slots are available. For example: select 2 people and see if all consecutive time windows appear.  8:30, 11, 1:30 and 4pm. or if from 11am- 11, 1:30 & 4pm. Because this is complicated we prefer you contact us so there is no confusion and we can be certain we have longer rental times available for you. You can arrive approximately a 20 to 30 minutes before your time and we can launch you then as long as we have finished working with the previous group.


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