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Napa River History Kayak Tour

Our beautiful Napa River History tour is a voyage through time. Revealing an intimate view of the little known & rich history of the Napa Valley while kayaking along the river. A Napa native who is passionate about the river and history of the Napa Valley guides you on an incredible journey while exploring this amazing area.

Napa Valley History Tour

We offer incredible tours at amazing prices.

On our kayak tour you will learn about Napa Valley history, wine and the local wildlife. For example did you know that Napa was established before California was a state? It was one of first places in California to have electricity and street lighting. That Elvis performed and stayed in Napa?

We make Everything Easy for You!

We make everything easy for you and everything is included. Our professional tour guide will reveal a Napa to you that few know. Resulting in you gaining insider knowledge which few possess.

What’s Included

  • Perfect for All Fitness Levels and Experience.
  • Includes kayaks, life jackets and paddles.
  • Conveniently located close to downtown Napa.
  • Stable kayaks well suited for beginners.
  • Knowledgeable and Professional staff.
  • One and a half to two hours long.
  • An incredible Tour at an amazing Price, Only $49

Napa Valley Tour For All Ages

This tour caters to all fitness levels and experience.

Our Napa River History tour is an easy one and a half to two hour paddle along the waterways of the Napa Valley. We will meander past historic sites and learn their significance in world history.

  • We will explore the waterways and discover wildlife on our kayak tour. We will identify birds and other animals along the Napa River.
  • We will also search for the rare animals who also live in the Napa Valley.
  • We will learn about the first people of the Napa Valley and some of the Native American names we still use to describe the places in the Napa Valley.
  • We will discover their culture, what they were famous for and how they survived.
  • Discover the incredible and sometimes proactive history of some of the historic buildings that were damaged during the Napa earthquake.

Some of the questions we will answer:

  • Who were the first settlers of the Napa Valley and what were they famous for?
  • What was the first ship to navigate the Napa River?
  • Who was the captain of that ship and his significance in world history?
  • What is the oldest building still standing in Napa?
  • Who grew the first grapes?
  • Who had the first commercial winery in Napa ? (hint it is not who you may think)
  • What is the history of the courthouse?

Plus, much, much more,
Come along with us on this amazing journey through time.

Kayak Launch Location

100 Riverside dr, Napa, CA 94559
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Business Information

Mailing Address:
1110 Kansas ave,
Napa, CA 94559

(707) 492-5200


Justin Perkins Napa Valley Tour Guide

Meet Your Tour Guide – Justin Perkins

Hi, I am Justin and I spend more time on the Napa River than any other human being. I am truly passionate about what I do. My motto is “Old Fashioned Service with Modern Sensibility.” Join me on one of our incredible “Napa River History Tours” or simply rent a kayak. I truly care about what I do and I treat every single person as though they are special-after all you are!

I have been doing tours in the Napa Valley for over 25 years and I am a Napa Native. When with other guests I can be difficult to get a hold of but I do return all messages by the end of the day. You can always book online 24 hours a day. I look forward to meeting you and your group.

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